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Give your friends and family a great possibility to improve their English speaking skills in no time! With Blabu vouchers, you can share with your loved ones a key to new personal and professional opportunities!


Best gift? Help someone grow!

Thanks to Blabu gift vouchers, your loved ones can improve their English in fun and effective conversations, with our native tutors based all around the world. Anytime and anywhere!

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~ 1 hour 30 minutes of calling with native English tutors

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+ $10 BONUS

~ 3 hours 45 minutes of calling with native English tutors

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+ $25 BONUS

~ 7 hours 45 minutes of calling with native English tutors

FAQ about Blabu Gift Vouchers

How do I buy this voucher for my friends and family?

It is easy! Click on a voucher of your choice and follow the instructions.The voucher will be generated shortly after the payment. You can dowload it or print it out. You will receive a code that your loved ones can easily redeem on the Blabu site. The voucher will show as active on your student Dashboard.

After you share the gift code, people just need to sign up to Blabu and go to or to the main Menu on Blabu website.T hen, copy-paste the voucher code, click on "redeem voucher" and they are ready to go!

Yes, of course! Once you buy the gift voucher, you will see it as active in your student Dashboard. If you click on details, you can see the code and redeem it for yourself the same way as your friends.

The gift credit expires after one year from purchase.