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High school teachers obsessed with grammar and vocabulary, too many people in the class to even get a chance to speak. Let’s face it, not everyone can move abroad and work on their English there.

Our mission is to make you speak comfortably. Our tutors will guide you and understand you regardless of grammar. Mistake is your best friend, make as many as you can and grow with Blabu!

Why should you use Blabu?

Blabu is a safe place for you to practice speaking English naturally with native speakers whenever and wherever you want.


Break the fear

You will break the fear of speaking - our tutors will help you speaking first. They will understand you no matter a misplaced article, shaky pronunciation or a wrong tense. Forget that and just try to express yourself any way you can. Mistake is your best friend, make as many as you can and grow together with your tutors.

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Real-life English with natives

You will practice real English with native speakers - experience real language, variety of accents and teaching styles. No real life situation will surprise you anymore!


Anytime and anywhere

Find a comfortable place and time to make your call, no more commuting, no more schedules. Make a call while walking in the park, get comfy in your living room, use an empty conference room during a lunch break. It is up to you!

What can Blabu help you with?

Blabu is a safe place for you to practice speaking English naturally with native speakers. Use better language skills to get ahead in other areas of your life.

Get a better job

Use Blabu to improve your interview skills and express yourself the best way possible. Get the promotion you want, change jobs freely or chase your professional dreams abroad.

Describe your projects in the most comprehensible way, role-play the presentation with our tutors and become the confident public speaker you always wanted to be.

Prepare for your English language exam with your very own study buddy. You can improve your speaking, listening, and general comprehension skills with trained native speakers.

Refresh your English so you can get the most out of your trip. Practice real-life situations with our tutors. Get ready to talk to locals and find places no travel agency can show you!

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Typical customers

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Dynamic professionals

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Stay at home mums

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Busy entrepreneurs

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Curious students

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Active seniors

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Digital nomads

Why is Blabu better than a traditional language school?

BlabuLanguage school
AnywhereNo more running to the classes or commuting.Fixed place you need to get to.
AnytimePractice when your schedule allows it. We are open 12 hours a day. Fixed schedule that you have to respect. No late evening classes.
Speak firstInteract naturally with native speakers who will guide and understand you regardless of grammar.Grammar drills, listening, writing, not enough time to speak in the group.
Privacy1 to 1 English stress-free conversation. Nobody else judging you or pressuring you.Time pressure, other students listening, other students taking all the attention during the class, stress.

What our customers say about us?

"I love the flexibility on Blabu!"

I really enjoyed having a quick conversation on Blabu with a Canadian tutor before my big presentation at work. I haven't spoken English for a while, so I needed to practice in advance. The tutor was really nice and I learned some new words and slang expressions.



"The more tutors and their accents, the better"

I learned English at school, but don't have many opportunities to use it right now. I decided to practice my English for my one month backpacking trip to the USA. I am scared I won't understand locals with their different accents. That's why I like Blabu - I can try different tutors.



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